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My 300ZX TT

I’ve owned my gunmetal grey 300ZX TT since 2006 when my dad gave it to me. Best Gift Ever! He bought it new in 1990 when I was 8 years old so it’s been a part of the family for most of my life. Hopefully I’ll be passing it on to my son one day.

Here’s a picture from a recent drive in the peak district:


This car always brings smile to my face. Even if it’s just catching a glimpse out of the front window. I live on the border of the peak district so the car only really gets driven on fast, twisty roads. My favourite is the Macclesfield to Buxton road early in the morning or late evening when there is hardly any traffic.

When I got the car, it had done just over 32,000 miles and it’s now at just under 50,000. It had lived outside for a few years before I got it so I’ve had it’s super absorbent sponge of a spoiler replaced, both rear arches replaced, sills fixed up and some of the sun bleached plastic trim resprayed. It’s got stock wheels all round but the front ones are uk rears. It might be in my head but I think this cured some understeer. I’m on my second set of these since the first ones went porous and flat every few days. Looks like these ones are going the same way… It’s got an aftermarket, stock looking exhaust and an induction kit. I’ve recently had the brakes┬áreplaced with refurbished ones with all new brake lines since the original set had seized. What a difference! The car nearly killed me just before this was done. A few years ago some hit and run driver crashed in to the passenger door so this has been replaced. Everything else is stock, including the broken cd player and buzzing old speakers. As far as I can tell, it’s now rust free and I intend to keep it that way.


I’ve got a few upgrades planned and will detail these in a future post.